How To Choose A Good Storage Company

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Whether you're moving, downsizing, or just decluttering your home to create more space, you will benefit from renting a storage unit. A good storage facility will help you keep your belongings safely and help free up more space for you.

There are thousands of storage companies on the internet to choose from. Therefore, you need to be careful and consider the following attributes before you decide which company to pick.

Excellent Customer Service

A quick phone call to the storage company will give you an idea of their corporate ethics and customer service quality. The company's support staff should be quick to respond and answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

You should ask their support staff for specific pricing, discount, and refund policies. If possible, ensure they agree to a written agreement specifying their terms and conditions.

You can also check for online reviews to confirm the company's reputation. See if the company takes customers' feedback seriously from how they respond to complaints. The company might also have been featured in the media which will help you further to ascertain their commitment to quality service.

Overall Company Organization

Not only should you investigate how clean their storage units are, but you should also visit their offices, hallways, and even their bathrooms. The cleanliness of their premises will give you a good idea of the quality of service to expect. Their units should be clean, the garbage cans properly maintained, and the bathrooms spotless.

If the company is vigilant enough to maintain its storage spaces, it will more likely take good care of your things. Furthermore, you should still scrutinize how neat and organized their staff is. A good company will always hire decent employees, which is good for their image.

Security of the Facility

A reliable company will have adequate security measures to prevent theft and other risks to your items. You should inquire about the security measures they have. Also, physically check if they have security cameras and if their main gate is well manned with enough security personnel. In addition, make sure they have good lighting all over the storage units and the entire premises.

Like any other company, storage companies are vulnerable to fire, floods, and lightning. A professional storage facility should have disaster management tools to anticipate any calamity. Make sure they have fire-fighting equipment, lightning arrestors, and other basic safety equipment on their premises. 

Good companies go the extra mile and install sophisticated technology such as automatic gates with keypads and individual door alarms. You are better off working with such companies for better assurance that your stored items remain safe.