College Student Self-Storage Mistakes

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Joining college is an exciting experience not only because of the independence from parents but also the new opportunities to explore the world. College students tend to have a lot of stuff which is why many consider renting self-storage units. Here are some college self-storage mistakes you should avoid.

Renting a Small Storage Unit

When shopping for a storage unit, take measurements of the room. Make an inventory of the items you want to store in the unit. Choose a facility with some extra space in case you want to add more things in the future. 

Furthermore, space is also crucial for navigating your items. Consider taking photos of the things and showing them to the storage facility's manager. This will help them pick a suitable unit for you. 

Alternatively, use an online calculator to help you find the appropriate storage unit size for your situation. To use this application, you must enter the number of items you want to store, and the calculator will generate a sizing recommendation.

Not Being Organized

After you identify the suitable self-storage unit, the next task is packing all your belongings. Another mistake college students need to correct is placing boxes haphazardly. Placing boxes in a neat and organized manner is helpful.

First, unpack fragile items appropriately. Next, ensure you label all the boxes, making it easy to find specific items when needed. Lastly, arrange your boxes in the storage unit. Stuff you may need more often, like seasonal clothes and books, should be placed in front of the facility. Arrange bulky items at the back of the unit. Make sure you leave room between these boxes to get the things you need without straining.

Using Poor-Quality Packing Materials

Packing items correctly is crucial if you want to protect them from damage. There is a significant chance that items may become stained by newspaper ink when printed newspapers are used as packaging. You should choose quality packing supplies such as bubble wrap. This will protect fragile items from damage while you aren't around.

For leather sofas and wooden furniture, use towels and blankets. This not only protects exotic furniture from scratches but also prevents the accumulation of dust on upholstered furnishings. 

In Closing

When choosing a college student self-storage unit, don't be inspired by price alone. You should also consider the security and safety features of the unit. Choose a climate-controlled unit with security features such as smart locks for restricted access. Compare different storage options to determine the one best suited for your needs.