Factors That Affect The Pricing Of Personal Storage Units

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There is nothing as uncomfortable as living in a cramped space. If you have a small condo, you should declutter to create room in the house. Apart from selling, donating, and throwing away stuff, you can rent a personal storage unit. One of the factors you should consider when shopping for a storage facility is price.

Here are some things that determine the price of a self-storage space. 


One factor determining the price of a storage unit is how long you plan on staying. Some storage services offer discounts for the first few weeks to new customers. You can take advantage of this opportunity to save on storage costs if you are searching for a temporary storage unit.

If you want to store your items for a longer term, you will pay more. However, ask the storage provider whether there are any other available discounts. For example, some storage services offer discounts for military, and emergency services employees.


When searching for a storage facility, ensure you know what amenities are available. The rental price of a unit with advanced features is higher than a simple storage room. For example, if a storage room has temperature and humidity control systems, prepare to pay more than a non-climate-controlled unit.

Additionally, a storage space with surveillance cameras also costs more. If you are storing valuables and rare artifacts, you shouldn't compromise on temperature control and security by renting cheap storage.


Storage facilities near residential areas or the city are more expensive than in other places. This is because these facilities are in high demand by businesses and homeowners in the town. You can save on costs by looking for storage units far from such places. Consider a storage space that is in an isolated area with a low population. Even so, the facility shouldn't be too far from your home if you need frequent access to the items.

Level of Service

The price of a personal storage unit can vary between a self-service and a full-service facility. A self-service storage unit is cheap because most of the services are handled by the owner of the items. For example, if you rent this unit, you are responsible for delivering and picking up items and maintaining an updated inventory of the things inside the facility.

On the other hand, a full-service storage room provides services like pickup, delivery, and photo documentation of your items. These units go for a high monthly rate.

Reach out to a storage facility near you to learn more.