How To Protect Items In A Self-Storage Unit

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Are you a new business looking for ample space to keep your products? Self-storage services offer convenient solutions to businesses and people with inadequate storage space. When hiring a storage unit,  most clients are concerned about the security and safety of their belongings. Below are the measures you can take to secure your self-storage unit. 

Consult the Service Provider 

The first step in securing your self-storage unit is discussing the available measures with the service provider. In this case, the firm will explain to you the available actions included in the service contract. Typically, storage facilities offer a level of security, including video surveillance, motion-detector lights, and facility patrols by security guards. Thus, discussing these measures will help you assess the level of security risks and plan accordingly. Besides, the service providers can advise on personal security measures you can take. 

Quality Locks

You need to invest in a strong lock. A self-storage unit may come with an in-built locking system or require you to purchase a lock. In such cases, take your time to research modern locks that are burglar-proof. For instance, select a combination lock that is hard to crack or a deadbolt lock with a thick and short handle that is difficult to cut with bolt cutters. The lock acts as the second line of defense after the facility security. 

Secure Valuable Items 

There are several strategies to protect your most valuable items in the storage unit. In this case, it is crucial to understand the psychology of a thief. A typical burglar does not have the luxury of time. Thus, they break in, grab the first valuable item, and exit speedily. Strategically organizing your belongings can disrupt the thief. In this case, ensure that your valuables are hidden within your other items, making them more inaccessible. More so, consider locking the valuables in a hard-to-move safe within the unit. Such measures make it difficult for thieves to steal your valuables without discovery.

Insure Property

Despite the security measures, property may be stolen or destroyed through a disaster like a fire or a flood. The best way to protect your items is to get them covered by an insurance company. This option is essential, especially for high-value assets like sports gear and artwork. In the event of an incident, the insurance company may replace the items or award monetary compensation. 

Self-storage services should give you peace of mind since your belongings are out of sight. Ensure you select a secured facility and take personal initiative to secure your property.