5 Things To Put Into Self Storage To Make College Better

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For college students, space in a dorm or even off-campus housing is usually at a premium. This means that one of the best investments you can make may be a storage unit. But what should you put in your storage unit and why? Here are five of the best uses of this space. 

1. Valuable Items. Anything you bring that has financial or sentimental value could be at risk in a college setting. From roommates and their significant others to parties and study groups, people may come and go from your space without a lot of control. You need to protect what you value, though, and the best way to do this is to keep it in a locked unit elsewhere — either full-time or part-time. 

2. Career Tools. Going to college is preparation for your career, and you often begin building the necessary tools right in school. This may include specialty equipment for future doctors or scientists, props and tools for actors or dancers, or a host of expensive textbooks for future lawyers and accountants. Whatever you need to keep for the future, keep it safe and out of the way by using a storage unit. 

3. Everything During Summer. Many students go home for the summer or occasionally for other semesters. Hauling all your stuff back and forth gets old quickly. So, if you can't keep your apartment or dorm during your semester off, put it into storage so that it stays local. You also prevent disorganized chaos in your parents' home by keeping your stuff separate.

4. Seasonal Gear. Seasonal items take many forms. You might have brought along your snowboard to enjoy the slopes at your mountain college or plan to learn to surf if you went to college near the beach. You might fight off homesickness by putting up your favorite holiday decorations. Or, you might just need different sets of outdoor clothing between summer and winter terms. Whatever the gear, rotate it in and out of storage to keep your living area livable. 

5. Organizers. Don't forget to include methods for organizing whatever you want to store — or storage could make things more difficult instead of less difficult. This varies depending on what you store, but it may include sturdy stackable tubs, removable hanging hooks, or even inexpensive shelves to keep your books or portfolio clean. 

Where to Start

Learn more about using student self-storage by touring a facility near your campus today. Undoubtedly, you'll find more uses for this open space than you expected. And anything that makes your college experience better is worth the effort.