Storing Your Sporting Goods In A Storage Unit

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Some sports really come with a lot of equipment. For example, if you're a cyclist, you may have three bikes and a whole tote full of tools and safety gear. If you play hockey, you may have an assortment of sticks and pads. If you're running out of room in your house for all your gear, then you might want to rent a storage unit instead. Here are some tips to make this strategy work for you.

1. Rent a climate-controlled unit.

There are a lot of sporting goods that are made at least partially from leather or wood. You don't want to store these materials outside of climate control, as they could become dry and cracked, moldy, or rotten. It's worth paying a little more for a climate-controlled unit, as it will truly keep your items safe and in good condition so you can keep using them effectively.

2. Look for a space close to your home.

You'll probably want to be able to access your sporting goods quickly, whenever you need them. Make sure you rent a storage unit that is convenient for you. If the facilities within a few minutes of your home are full, still contact them and ask to be put on their waiting list. People move and stop renting storage units every month, and it probably won't be long before a space opens up. You will save time when you want to access your equipment and have more time to invest in your hobby.

3. Make sure everything is clean first.

Spend plenty of time cleaning your sporting goods before you put them in the storage unit. This is important for a few reasons. As your items sit, any dirt and grime on them will become more stuck and harder to clean off. Also, if you know your equipment is dirty, you may avoid going to get it and use it since that means you'll have to clean it beforehand. You're more likely to access and use equipment that you know is clean and ready to go.

Whether you're a hockey player, basketball player, cyclist, or equestrian, your collection of equipment can grow quickly. If the collection has outgrown the storage space in your home, it is time to rent a storage unit. If you select a climate-controlled one nearby and clean your items first, you'll be in good shape. For more information about renting storage units, reach out to a local storage facility, like Abes Self Storage.