Two Options For Your Motorcycle Parking

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Few things feel as good as hitting the open road on a motorcycle, but unfortunately, not everyone has the space on their property to safely store a bike. If you're short on space but love riding, don't worry, there are ways around the lack of space. Here, you'll find some tips to help you keep your bike safe and continue riding, even if you don't have the room for the bike.

Lease a Storage Unit

So many people lease storage units to fill them with stuff that they just don't have the room for around their homes — well, you don't have the room for the bike around the house, so why not lease a storage unit to house it between rides.

Find a storage unit near your home. If it's within walking distance — great, if not, it will still work. You see, this will be the safe place that you put your bike away at night. You can drive your car to the storage unit and switch off to the bike, leaving your car there while you ride.

When you have a leased storage unit for your bike, you'll also have a place to store all of the gear that you'll need to ride safely and take care of your bike — this could even be the place where you change the oil and do some cleaning and maintenance work. You can lock your leathers, helmet, and all of the gear right there in one spot so you can easily get to it whenever you'd need.

Buy a Garden Tool Shed

If you have a little bit of space up against the side of your home and an easy path from the street to the side of your home, you may be able to pick up a garden tool shed to store the bike in. These sheds come in various forms, but all will lock and provide you with a covered and secure place to store the bike. Measure the bike and take a trip to your local home improvement store or shed shop. Tell the salesperson what you hope to do with the shed, and they'll help you find the shed that will be large enough and have wide enough doors to suit your needs.

Your bike shouldn't be left out in the rain and cold when you're not riding it. These two options may provide you with the solution that protects your bike when it's parked.