3 Tips For Organizing Your Belongings While Packing For Storage

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You've probably heard that keeping your storage unit organized and keeping track of everything inside it is the best way to maximize its usability and minimize frustration. But what does that mean in terms of packing things up to go to the storage unit? Here are three tips to help you keep things organized while packing.

1. Packing like things together is more important than standardizing bin size

Yes, bins that are all the same size stack neatly into a rectangular shape, but for purposes of organization it's more important to use bins that fit the amount of each type of stuff you need to store. You don't want to end up with a bin that's mostly kids' soccer supplies but has some crafting yarn thrown in as well. This would prevent you from stacking boxes with the same type of contents in the same area.

2. An app or online spreadsheet can be your best friend

You can use a basic spreadsheet to organize everything in your unit (these are great because you can edit them digitally and print off a copy too). Or you can try using an organizational app that lets you save and organize lists of things. You can repurpose a to-do list app, for example, by making separate "lists" for each container in your unit and listing out all the items inside.

3. Add something fun into the mix

Stickers, dry-erase marker art, or color-coding can help make the chore fun and provide important visual markers that will help you later. If you love stickers, there are plenty of ways you can use them to help you with storage unit inventorying and organizing.

For example, you could get a few sheets of different-colored stickers and color-code everything. Or if you're not that into organization, you could just use stickers to label the boxes you'll need to get out of storage next time you visit. Or use seasonal stickers to label holiday items, summer items, and back-to-school items. While searching in your spreadsheet is easy, the spreadsheet only knows what you tell it, so it can't make sure you get everything you need for back-to-school season.

These three tips will help you organize and inventory your belongings in a way that makes sense, lets you have a little fun doing it, and ensures you'll be able to find your belongings again when you need them. Whether this is your first time renting a storage unit or whether you've had one before but it was kind of a mess, try these tips to help keep things orderly in your current unit.

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