Pack And Store Vinyl Furnishings And Decor

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If you own a bar and lounge and are going to have renovations made in the next few months, you will need somewhere cool and dry to store your vinyl furniture and decor. If you have decided to rent a self storage unit, use the tips below to clean and prepare furniture and decorations before placing items inside of a unit.

Clean And Cover Vinyl Furniture

Use the hose extension to a vacuum cleaner to suck up loose dirt from each piece of suede furniture. Collect dirt particles that have accumulated behind cushions as well. Place the furniture pieces in a well-lit room so that you can determine if any of the furnishings have stains on them. If so, pour a few drops of a suede cleaning agent onto a buffing cloth or sponge.

Move the damp side of the cloth or sponge back and forth over stained surfaces. Deeply embedded stains may require a couple applications of a suede cleaning agent. Use a soft sponge to apply a buffing compound over the surface of each piece of furniture. The compound will assist with the suede retaining its soft and silky texture. Drape fitted vinyl covers over the furniture. 

Dissassemble And Pack Decorations

If any of the decor in the bar and lounge can be dissassembled and will make it easier for you to pack and transport items, use a screwdriver or electric drill to loosen screws or other types of hardware that are secured to the decorative pieces.

Place decor inside of large containers that are lined with a thick layer of packing materials. If there is a lot of excess space in the containers, use packing peanuts, foam pieces, or crumpled paper to eliminate gaps and prevent decorative items from moving inside of the containers while they are being transported.

Reserve A Moving Van And Storage Unit

Call a local moving company and set a time and date to have the packed items picked up from your business and transported. Call a storage facility and inquire about storage units that are climate-controlled. If you are wary about leaving your possessions at a public business, ask about security measures that are taken to prevent theft from occurring.

Many storage facilities utilize cameras and motion-activated lights to deter theft. After renting a unit, you can stop by the storage facility to retrieve a key. The key will provide you with access to your unit whenever you would like to drop off or pick up items. For more information, contact a company like National Self Storage - Denver.