A Few Options For Heated Vehicle Storage

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If you have a vehicle that you only use for special occasions or during certain times of the year, you will need a place to keep it stored. You could keep it at your house, but it will take up space that could be used for other purposes. If you have it in the yard, you risk having it damaged by the weather or some type of accident. Unless you have a large garage, you won't be able to keep both it and your everyday vehicle inside. You have a few options for storing it in a storage yard or facility.

Self-Storage Spaces

Most self-storage facilities have spaces allotted for the storage of vehicles. You can keep any type of vehicle or boat there. However, these spaces will not protect your possession from the weather. You may put some type of cover over it for some protection. You can even use a couple of different covers of different materials to keep it safer.

Self-Storage Units

If you have a small automobile, watercraft, or motorcycle, you may be able to fit it inside a storage unit. However, you need to check the contract you sign to make sure that vehicles are allowed inside the units. You may be able to store it if you talk with the manager of the facility and make special arrangements. There will probably be some restrictions, and you may not be able to turn the vehicle on while in the unit. However, if allowed, it can be a safe place for it.

Heated Storage Units

There are facilities that offer heated storage space for vehicles, like Toy Storage Solution. This will keep the auto at a stable temperature so nothing freezes or gets too hot. Extreme temperature changes may make belts brittle, cause damage to the upholstery, or destroy fluids and lubricants. Some of these facilities are very large storage bays that will hold many vehicles. This means that other people will be in the unit where your vehicle is stored. You may want to look around for a facility that will have single units available so your auto will be safe from the risk of other people causing an accident that damages it.

If you will be going to the storage place to work on your vehicle, you should find a place that is heated not only to protect the car, but for your own comfort as well. Make sure you understand what hours the facility is open and if there is any restrictions on the type of work you can do. You don't want to pay for storage to have to bring the automobile home to work on it.