Are You Getting Your House Organized?

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Do you take pride in a house that's so clean others tell you they could eat off your floors? But maybe they don't know that your drawers and closets look like a disaster hit them. No matter the reason, you decided that it's time to get your household belongings totally organized.

If you don't already have a plan in mind of how to get everything organized, from getting rid of things you don't want or need to arranging for self storage, here are some ideas that might help you.

Get Rid Of Things - Be aggressive in culling out those items in your home that you no longer want or use. For example, maybe you have mismatched dishes. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just give them to a charity organization and then buy yourself a set of matching dishes that you love? What about the clothes in your closet? Think of taking time to go through them to see which ones are outdated, too worn, or just not flattering on you. Somebody else might be able to use them, and you could have the fun of replacing those items with new ones you'll actually wear.

Are you married, and do you have kids who are old enough to help? If so, ask your spouse and your kids to also get rid of things. Together you can go through things like old DVDs, board games, and puzzles that haven't been played with in forever and a day. Won't it be nice to replace those items with new games and more complicated puzzles for your kids who have gotten older?

Arrange For Self Storage - Even after you've gone through all of your household belongings, you might find that you still have too much stuff in your house. Have you considered arranging for self storage? The great part about renting storage units is that it's probably going to be a lot more affordable than you thought it would be. The frosting on the cake is that your belongings will be in thermostatically controlled units. In addition, they'll be totally safe as there will be twenty-four-hour monitoring every single day of the year.

Consider making a complete list of the things you'll place in the self storage unit. For example, instead of searching for your arts and crafts boxes throughout all of your house, you will be able to check the list and find the items you need. You'll also be able to retrieve things easily. For example, with the holidays coming up, it will be simple to get to your holiday decorations.

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