Storing Valuables While Between Homes? 3 Tips To Prevent Problems

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Putting items into storage can be a fantastic idea if you've sold your home or are in the process of moving into a new place that has a major difference in the amount of room available to you. If you're currently traveling and don't have a permanent place to call home, you may be looking for a way to store your valuables.

Instead of simply placing items into a reputable storage facility and hoping for the best, it's a good idea for you to look into what you can prioritize so that your valuables are kept safe and that damage won't be a major risk to items that are worth a lot or are valuable to you.

Make Sure Insurance Is Provided

The first thing that you'll want to check when meeting with a storage manager is whether insurance is provided to the tenants. In many cases, you could end up without insurance and find yourself responsible for the value of your items if they are ever damaged or stolen while in storage. While some facilities offer insurance, you may also want to look into acquiring insurance elsewhere.

Taking stock of everything that will be going into storage can help you determine how much value everything has and how much you want everything to be covered for when picking insurance.

Carefully Pack Items to Prevent Damage

As you begin packing items that will be placed in storage, it's important that you take care with packing everything properly. Many people pack items in a rush, leading to items not being well protected when in an area that gets hot, cold, or dusty over time. Packing your items using things such as a tarp, bubble wrap, and proper labels can make it much easier to keep everything stored properly.

Taking items back out of storage once you've moved into a new home will be less work as well when you took care to pack and label everything first.

Take Photographs in Advance

Photographing all your items before they go into storage can provide you with the peace of mind that everything will be kept in good condition and that you have proof if anything occurs to the items. With photographs of all your items, you'll also know exactly what is in storage instead of simply forgetting after items have been moved into the unit.

Taking care to store your items properly can ensure that your storage unit is neatly packed and that your belongings can be retrieved again with ease after moving. Talk to a representative at facilities like Stadium Storage for more information.