4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Metal Carport

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If you recently invested in a metal carport, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you take the best possible care of your carport.

#1 Recoat The Floor

Take care of your carport by taking care of the floor. Over time, the floor of your carport can get stained by leaking vehicle fluids and by tire marks. This can make your entire carport not look as nice as it really is. You can make your carport look nicer by recoating the floor of your carport every couple of years.

If you have an asphalt floor, you can have it seal coated to improve its appearance. If you have a cement floor, you can have it recoated with sealant or you can have it sanded to remove the stains before you seal the floor again.

#2 Mark Out Your Parking Spot

Bumping into the sides of your carport can really wear it down. If you have trouble identify the boundaries of where you should park, make it a little easier on yourself. Use duct tape and put it on the floor. Outline where you should park your vehicle. This can help you see where you should park and when to stop.

You can also try the tennis ball trick. Hang a tennis ball or ping pong ball from the ceiling. Hang it so that it hits against your windshield when you get to the point where you should stop your vehicle. This can be a great visual reminder of where to stop.

#3 Keep The Gutters Clean

Your carport should have gutters on them, just like your home or a regular garage. Make sure to clean out your gutters on your carport at the same time that you clean out the gutters on the rest of your home.

If you fail to keep your gutters clean, water may pool up in your gutters and on your roof. Water will also overflow from your gutters and run down your carport. This can all lead to rust developing on your carport. The development of rust can be ignored by cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis.

#4 Wash Down the Walls

Finally, if you want to keep your carport in great shape, take some time to keep it clean. Wash down the walls inside and out a couple of times a year. Use regular dish soap or car washing soap to clean the walls of your garage. Use a large scrub brush with a handle, like one you would use for washing your vehicle, to clean the walls of your garage. Removing dirt and substances that can get on your carport, such as sap and bird droppings, will help protect it from wear and tear.